Megaptera 5.7 “Full Carbon”


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Each Balena Megaptera surfboard is a unique piece, combining Egg and Fish stability with details inspired by the morphology of whales, thus providing design elements with a functional value.

The board is maneuverable with every wave, it has small dimensions but it is easy at the take off.
The fishtail is shaped like a whale tail, the swingers and channels, inspired by the cetacean caudal fin, grant handling in the turns and the nose allows stability and handling during the surfing session.

Stringerless Polyurethane + carbon Epoxi

This unique board is completely coated with carbon fibre fabric, a substrate which provides the board with resistance and stiffness.

length (feet): 5’7”

width (inches): 18’3 / 4

depth (inches): 2’5 / 16

Tail: fish (Balena®)

Volume: 25,5 litres

Fins: 2,3 o 4 Future

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