Megaptera 6.4 “Whale Belly”


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Each Balena® Megaptera surfboard is a unique piece, combining Egg and Fish stability with details inspired by the morphology of whales, thus providing design elements with a functional value.

The board is maneuverable with every wave, it has small dimensions but it is easy at the take off.
The fishtail is shaped like a whale tail, the swingers and channels, inspired by the cetacean caudal fin, grant handling in the turns and the nose allows stability and handling during the surfing session.

Balena surfboards, originally born with a “twin fin set” just like the 2 chest fins of the whale.

Wood stringer Polyurethane Epoxi
Matte + Glossy

length (feet): 6’4”

width (inches): 22

depth (inches): 2’5 / 8

Tail: fish (Balena®)

Volume: 28 litres

Fins: 2 Future

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