Megaptera 92


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The revolutionary skateboard inspired by the humpback whale, completely handmade in Italy.

Designed to be used on every possible asphalt, curve and slope, thanks to the soft camber and the width of the top that allows the foot to always have the best position on the deck.

The bottom, inspired by the belly of the cetacean, is refined in details. The channels that lead to the tail recall nature and at the same time embed aesthetics and structure.

The grooves configuration, in fact, is a reference to the majesty of the cetacean but at the same time allows the board to have the perfect combination of elasticity and strength, with an extremely low weight thanks to the greater load given to the central axis, which acts as a backbone to the longboard.

The wood, worked in several steps, is laid on a hand-shaped base with the utmost precision and attention to details, acquiring a fluid and linear appearance that integrates perfectly with the balanced and evocative shape.

Easily transportable thanks to its dimensions, this table is ideal for cruising, pumping and carving.

Length: 92cm

Width: 26cm

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